Honda CRX Cup Holder Front Of Personal Box / Ashtray (1988-1991)

$19.99 USD
Honda CRX Cup Holder Front Of Personal Box / Ashtray (1988-1991)

Looking for a convenient cup holder without sacrificing your Honda CRX's Personal Box or Ash Tray? Look no further than this custom-designed cup holder that fits right in front of the Personal Box or Ashtray in your 1988-1991 CRX.

Made from 3DXMAX® ASA plastic, this cup holder is highly durable and rugged, making it ideal for outdoor use. It boasts excellent mechanical and thermal properties, including a Tg of 105°C / 221°F, and is highly resistant to UV radiation and sunlight.

Installation is a breeze. Simply remove the Personal Box or Ash Tray from your car, remove the stock face plate, screw the cup holder onto the Personal Box or Ash Tray, and put it back in your car. This cup holder has been modeled and test fit on a 1991 Honda CRX HF, and it does not interfere with the shifter unless the ashtray or Personal Box is open.

While we cannot guarantee fitment for other Honda models, if they use the same ashtray, it should fit. However, please verify fitment before ordering.
Note that this cup holder is for off-road use only and is not for use in the state of California.
California WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –