Honda CRX Cup Holder Between Seats (1988-1991)

$24.99 USD
Honda CRX Cup Holder Between Seats (1988-1991)

I designed this cup holder with the intention of fitting in my Honda CRX and holding a full size fast food drink cup. As a 2 piece unit the base plate clips firmly into the hand brake shroud then the cup holder can be screwed down to the base with the included hex screws.
This part is 3d Printed out of 3DXMAX® ASA plastic which features these benefits:

Excellent mechanical and thermal properties (Tg of 105°C / 221°F)
Highly resistant to ultra-violet radiation and sunlight
Sturdy and rugged against the weather, ideal for an outdoor part

Installation is simple:

remove stock cover
clip in baseplate
align cup and install screws

part was modeled and test fit on my 1991 Honda CRX HF. I am currently unsure if it will fit any other Honda models.Please verify fitment before ordering.For off road use only.Not for use in the state of California. California WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –