Racing Miku [Ver.14] Glitter sticker

$9.99 USD
Racing Miku [Ver.14] Glitter sticker

Description: Bring the dynamic energy of Hatsune Miku to life with our exclusive Racing Miku Glitter Sticker! Immerse yourself in the world of speed, music, and vibrant colors. This limited-edition sticker showcases the iconic “Racing Miku” design, capturing her in full racing gear, ready to hit the track.


High-Quality Artwork: Imoutodreams’ meticulous attention to detail brings this Racing Miku sticker to life. The glitter finish adds a touch of magic, making this sticker truly stand out.
Limited Stock: Hurry! This sticker is part of a limited run, so grab yours before it speeds away.
Versatile: Perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks, or any surface that needs a dash of Miku magic.
Get Yours Today: Don’t miss out on this collector’s item! Whether you’re a devoted Hatsune Miku fan or a racing enthusiast, the Racing Miku Glitter Sticker is a must-have. Add it to your collection or gift it to a fellow Miku lover.

Note: Due to its limited availability, once it’s gone, it’s gone!
Art by imoutodreams