Waterford Hills Track day #3 8/25/13 *Video*

August 26, 2013

Waterford Hills Track day #3  8/25/13 *Video*

Track day, My favorite day of the week.... Most of the time.

I started the day off by waking up a little late and rushed a bit to get to the track at 7 AM and made it just as the host was opening the gate. I pulled into my favorite parking spot, unloaded the CRX off my tow dolly and jacked the rear wheels up to put the racing slicks on. I went to registration, got the car tech inspected and parked it back in place. Finally, I had a little time  to relax and talk to my good friend.

Soon enough, it was time for the drivers meeting.  After a few track days, the meetings can seem repetitive, but they are important and mandatory. After the drivers meeting I was asked to take a new driver around the course for a couple low speed laps to show him the track. So we strapped into the CRX went out and showed him the lines. After a few laps they called us back in and it was time for pink group to go out, Wait, I was in pink group!

I rushed to grab my driving gear: Helmet, gloves, shoes and most importantly: GoPro Camera. I strapped back into my car and had my friend tighten the passenger straps up a bit so they didn't fly around on me while I drove around the track.

 I lined up in grid and was off to run the track. My first lap or two are always used to warm up the tires and brakes so they're at operating temps when I fling the CRX around the corners. The rear end seemed to have very little traction and during my third lap it became very obvious there was an issue. By the time I came in I knew exactly what had caused it. I left my towing air pressure in the tires and with the added heat the rears were up to about 42psi and the fronts were 40 psi. Way too much for the Hoosiers on the little CRX. I "quickly" dropped them to my normal 34 front 32 rear and went back to finish the session. They were flying the checkered so I had missed out on any further laps. Lesson learned.

 My second session went a ton better. Down shifting in the Esses (S corners) was not the right choice but track days are good for experimentation. My car was getting up to about 85 MPH before I took the big bend into the back straight and the 100 HP engine didn't bring me much further. One of my friend's brothers was driving his race car (that is the white car around 5:20 into the video). I down shifted into the wrong gear when he pointed me to pass. He proceeded to follow me for a while before making it apparent he wanted to be back out front (9:00). It was a ton of fun trying to keep up with a car with that kinda power. I could tell the only thing allowing me to keep up were the other cars on the track slowing him down.

 My third session went great. I felt like I was carrying a lot more speed around the track and everything seemed a lot smoother. Unfortunately when I pulled off the track I heard a strange noise when I depressed the brakes. If you watch the end of the video you can hear it a little bit. Turns out the top bolt/slider assembly for my front drivers side caliper had backed out and the cap that keeps it from falling off had also gone missing. This led to the caliper striking the wheel when I hit the brakes.

 As you can see here, this isn't a very good thing to have happen. Without a spare upper caliper bolt (I now will carry 3 extras) and no shops in the area having them on hand my track day was over. I put the car back on the trailer, strapped it down and went home to repair the car. The day might have ended with a broken car, but I had a ton of fun and now I know to put some more torque and thread locker on that bolt (it shouldn't come out anyways).

Thanks as always for reading and watching.

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