Waterford Hills Race weekend 6 : My rookie season coming to a close

October 21, 2014

Waterford Hills Race weekend 6 : My rookie season coming to a close

The end of my rookie season had arrived and I had some work to do if I wanted to stay with the front runners. My goal was just to keep up with the faster drivers this season. I met that goal and then some this weekend.


During the qualifying session I managed to set a decent lap time (1:18.334) qualifying third overall.

Saturday Race 1

During the first race, the fight between 1st and 2nd during the first lap had me falling back a little and I ended up being passed by some cars in another class. Entering the second lap, the blue RX7 spun across the track and I barely avoided him. This left me in the back of the pack. I fought through for a 2nd in class (3rd overall) finish.

Sunday Race 2

Race two had me starting 3rd and that changed very quickly as I chased the first place car down for the rest of the race, finishing in 2nd. I ended up setting a new personal best lap time at Waterford hills of 1:17.876 and qualifying 1st for the feature race.

Sunday Feature Race

Since I had set the best lap time of the weekend in my class (1:17.876) I started on the pole position for the first time ever. After a few laps, the 2nd and 3rd place drivers had spun or went off because they were no longer right behind me. I still spent the entire race fighting like they were right on my heels and ended up finishing with nearly a 7 second margin to the next car. I had taken another feature race win.

Win Overall my rookie season taught me a lot of things and I have to say I wouldn’t have made it this far without help from a long list of people (THANK YOU!)

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