Time Trials at Waterford Hills Road Racing Saturday 9/28/13 *Video*

October 10, 2013

Time Trials at Waterford Hills Road Racing Saturday 9/28/13 *Video*

The format of the time trials events had changed since the last event. Now we would run Saturday and Sunday as two separate events. Having a practice session each day and a timed session in the afternoon each day. This was a great idea as it allowed people to come out for one day and also reduced the cost to each person. Our participation went up substantially from 4 to 11 people competing!

During my practice session I did not get my tires warm enough and slid off the track during the second lap, and spun down the hill after following my friend in his Miata. The video from my practice session was not recorded due to another Go Pro battery issue (they don't like holding a charge).

I had set down some decent lap times and choose a 1:22.3 for my dial in time. During the timed session I made sure to get some more heat into the tires and set off to reach my target time. I ended up taking second place with a difference of 0.0410 of a second from my target time.

Having a lap timer running I set a confirmed best personal lap time of 01:21.3 around Waterford Hills. I also managed to cord my Hoosier tires, this mean the rest of the season would be on street tires. Overall this was a good day and the new layout made things a bit simpler but the scoring method could use adjustment to create a more consistent challenge.

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