Time Trials at Waterford Hills Road Racing : Part 2 9/8/13 *Video*

September 14, 2013

Time Trials at Waterford Hills Road Racing : Part 2 9/8/13 *Video*

Sunday morning I drove back to the track around the time the first group of road races were underway. I started preparing the car: Checking lug torque, oil levels, brake fluid, etc.  My wife, mother and stepfather showed up to watch so I showed them around a bit. We hung out for a couple hours then it was time for me to get ready to drive.  I got ready, lined up to run and waited to be let out onto the track.

Session 2

During this session I set my fastest lap time at 1:24.9 on my second lap. Later in the session the Honda Civic driver was catching up, I let him pass on the back straight and tried keeping up. Thinking his dial-in time was .2 seconds slower than mine I figured I should be driving fast as or faster than him. This was not the case as he was driving too fast for his dial-in and I ended up driving too fast for my own dial-in. My best lap was a 1:26.8 putting me in second for this session.

  1. 1:27.5
  2. 1:24.9
  3. 1:25.4
  4. 1:258
  5. 1:26.8
  6. 1:28.0
  7. 1:25.8
  8. 1:25.1
  9. 1:26.2
  10. 1:26.1
  11. 1:25.4

Session 3

I realized I was driving too fast by the time the third and final session was underway. Focusing on dialing down the aggressive driving, I managed some very consistent times. When I crossed the start/finish line and saw the starter signal that it was the last lap I attempted to drive a smooth lap, this managed a 1:26.5, a perfect score! I was elated that I was able to get consistent lap times again as well.

  1. 1:29.2
  2. 1:25.4
  3. 1:25.6
  4. 1:26.6
  5. 1:26.6
  6. 1:25.5
  7. 1:26.9
  8. 1:26.4
  9. 1:26.1
  10. 1:26.5

After my last session I loaded my tow vehicle up and put the CRX on the trailer. Then headed to the timing and scoring office to find out if times were posted. There I was handed a listing of all of my lap times for the session, showing that I had received a perfect score. I was asked to bring a copy of the final scores to the awards ceremony. At the awards ceremony they handed out fleece vests, blankets and scarfs as trophies. They went through all the road racers awards and finally came to the time trials. I received first place for the weekend and was given a fleece blanket embroidered with “Waterford Hills Road Racing First Place”
*Insert picture

This is the first trophy I have earned competing at a road race course. I am very happy with how well my car performed this weekend. The feeling I might actually be able to perform on a track consistently, albeit not amazingly fast, makes me feel like the work I have put in is going to pay off. I also hope that Waterford Hills hosts more events in the future. image

More information about rules are available on the Waterford Hills website.



Thumbnail picture courtesy of Ken Rose Photography

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