Time Trials at Waterford Hills Road Racing : Part 1 9/7/13 *Video*

September 09, 2013

Time Trials at Waterford Hills Road Racing : Part 1 9/7/13 *Video*

This weekend was my first time competing at an actual road race course. Waterford Hills Road Racing hosted a time trial event. This was a newer type of event and it was being held during a normal race weekend. I registered for the event several weeks in advance. I was excited to compete with my car again . I decided to run on my year old Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1 street tires from last season. since I did not have enough rubber on my Hoosier SM6 tires to make it through the weekend.

I arrived around 8AM and unpacked my car and headed to registration. After registration I drove my car over to tech inspection. At the tech inspection they check to make sure the car doesn't leak, the steering and bearings are tight, the battery won't move, and that you have a recent Snell rated helmet. There is usually  the reminder to check the torque on your lug nuts. During tech a timing device is attached to the car and triggers your lap times when you cross the start/finish line.

At 10AM the road race groups start running their qualifying laps. At about 10:30 AM we met up in the Press room to go over the rules regarding the time trials event, how things would be run and how the scoring would work. Basically there would be 4 sessions: first we would have a practice session to help determine your dial-in time. Sessions 1,2, and 3 would be scored based on a dial-in time that you select after the practice session. Scores would be based on how close your closest lap time in a session was. each session would also be scored separately.

Around Noon we lined up for our practice sessions and went onto the track. 

I averaged a mid 1:26 lap time so I decided to dial in a 1:26.5 lap time for the weekend. It started raining shortly after we finished and watching the road racers in the rain was very impressive. Luckily the track had mostly dried off before our first timed session.

During the first timed session I managed to come within one tenth of a second of my dial in time during 3 separate laps. scoring a 98.84 out of 100 possible points put me in first place during this session.

My timed laps were as follows:

1. 1:28.0

2. 1.26.8

3. 1.26.8

4. 1.26.7

5. 1.26.2

6. 1.26.4

7. 1.26.0

8. 1.26.1

9. 1.26.9

10. 1.25.5

11. 1.26.5

12. 1.26.1

13. 1.26.4

More information about rules are available on the Waterford Hills website.



Picture Courtesy of Ken Rose Photography

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