Near End of 2017 Season Update

August 31, 2017

Near End of 2017 Season Update

This Season really fell on its face for us, Destroying axles almost every race and alignment issues causing some unpredictable handling and tire shredding. This ended up draining the race budget for the year before we really got too far into the season.

We managed to complete several races since the last post at Waterford Hills and at Grattan. Here are a couple of the videos from the Grattan event:

We will be attempting to participate in the Empire Hill Climb, which is being held on September 16th this year. We are down to our last set of tires but since the event is such a short course, we should be able to manage it.

Other than tires, the car is currently in good mechanical shape and we will only be doing some small modifications for next year, this should allow us more time to work on our other projects such as the Camaro, Toterhome and Street legal CRX. If you would like to help us out for next season please support us by picking up some stickers/apparel/keychains (coming soon) or by sponsoring the car. We always appreciate the support.

Stay tuned for more….

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