July 4th WAT Racing Car Meet

July 07, 2014

July 4th WAT Racing Car Meet

WAT Racing members traveled from around the US to meet at E36m3's house in Illinois.  Some of the people in attendance were Bromaro, 4.9, Marked, 88TA, myself and several others. I arrived on Friday afternoon and met up with Marked and 88TA. We checked each other’s cars out and talked while the others arrived throughout the rest of the day.

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We cooked up some brats and burgers then went and watched the local fireworks. When we returned to the cars, Marked had locked his keys in his Fox Body. How many car guys does it take to get into a Fox Body? about 4 and a borrowed hanger.
There were some "donks" in the parking lot we were in. Just as they rolled out, Bromaro showed up after having some engine tune issues on his way in. After checking his car out for a bit we all headed back.

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Before the night was over there was some spirited driving and someone left some tire marks in front of the house.

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