History of WATRacing.com

August 14, 2013

History of WATRacing.com

Hello and welcome to WATRacing.com

WATRacing.com was created with the intentions of providing a friendly community content site for Auto enthusiasts. Unfortunately this has not gone well in the past, and I hope this new iteration will provide a great place for people to come together. I wanted to start off by Talking about what has brought us to where we are today.

Originally the WAT racing Development had forum and some static webpages talking about our users cars. Unfortunately hand coding individual pages and editing images for each user’s cars was getting out of hand. To make matters worse, our forum kept getting overrun by spam bots and wasn’t being used by actual users because of this. The only thing we had going for us was our nightly chat sessions that to this day continue to be utilized.

Two years ago I tried implementing a content management system (like this one) but my old server, a dusty old Pentium 3 class Celeron Dell Power Edge, could not handle the databases. So I decided to purchase some newer hardware to run this site. With dual Quad-core Xeon CPUs and plenty of RAM this machine seems up to the task, for now at least.

I mounted the server inside of my server rack, configured the Raid 1 on the 2 matching 37 Gigabyte 15k rpm SAS drives (yes more storage will come in the future) and installed one of my favorite operating systems on it. Then configured a web server and Wordpress. Now currently this site is still a work in progress but I feel it is time to bring it to production and replace the ruins of our former creation. I hope that you all bear with me throughout this process and decide to join me in creating a new WAT Racing site for everyone.

Thank you,


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