Grattan Raceway (Reverse) 8/3/13 Crx Track day *Video*

August 20, 2013

Grattan Raceway (Reverse) 8/3/13 Crx Track day *Video*

It took me too long to post these videos, I will try to be quicker about it in the future.
Things got rather busy with setting up the server and posting video got put on the back burner
During one of the sessions I went off course. But don't bother looking for it, My GoPro 960's battery died at the beginning of that session. i tried charging it between sessions but it wouldn't take a quick enough charge. I also tried swapping batteries, this lead to my last session not having any video. during the 6th and Final session I ran out of gas half way up a hill.  I completed about 58 laps and about 8 touring laps for fun ,Grattan Raceway is 2.0 miles according to their website, so I Drove around a total of 132 miles. I burned 10.1 gallons of gas meaning i get about 13 MPG in the CRX .

Thank you for watching


Session 1

Session 2 

Session 3 

Session 4 

Session 5 

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