CRX Road to Racing – Part 7 : Keeping the wheels planted

November 06, 2013

CRX Road to Racing – Part 7 : Keeping the wheels planted

Now that the car was drivable, it was time to find out what weak links were left. Upon participating in my first auto cross with the CRX I quickly realized the suspension was too soft and the transmission had an open differential which left the front right tire spinning a lot. I researched my options and purchased a few items to improve the car's performance.

First I ordered a set of KONI Race dampeners Eibach springs and Ground Control adjusters and top hats. The new springs were very stiff and dropped the car considerably. I asked a good friend of mine to lend me his scales and help me corner balance the car. We adjusted the springs until we got them to our optimal settings. Then I brought the car in for a toe alignment and had the front end toe out and the rear toe in slightly.

After the suspension work the CRX was handling things much better. but this wasn't enough because having 1 wheel loosing traction all of the time was becoming a big hindrance and wearing my tires very quickly. I contacted a company called Syncrotech about my options regarding transmissions. I decided on a 1.5 way clutch plate LSD, a Honda “ZC” gear set with the existing SI final drive. I also ordered Exedy stage 1 race clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. After installing the new transmission I had to follow a break in procedure, this involved driving in circles and figure 8s in a parking lot for a half hour or so.

The next time I went to a track in the CRX the improvements were instantly noticeable. The CRX was staying flat and wasn't loosing traction so easily. I do still have several big issues that need resolution such as camber adjustments but those can be resolved before next season. As of writing this I am very satisfied with the performance of the CRX and I cannot wait for next year.

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