CRX Road to Racing – Part 6 : A little bit of safety

September 25, 2013

CRX Road to Racing – Part 6 : A little bit of safety

Since I had the car running and moving under its own power the next thing on the agenda was vehicle safety. Since the stock belts and seats were not going to cut it I pulled my aluminum Kirkey racing seat out of my 1985 Pontiac Fiero autocross car.  I did some research using the SCCA rule book and several articles that covered CRX track cars. It was very obvious an inexperienced welder should not even attempt to fabricate a roll cage in a track car for safety reasons. However installing a fuel cell bulkhead was no big deal, so with a friend's help one was welded around the fuel cell.

I started reaching out and found a local fabricator who specialized in roll cages. I ended up towing my car down to his shop and going over the rules and what obstacles we needed to hurdle such as the 6'7 driver. After going over the plan and figuring out how to mount the seat as low as possible to allow for enough headroom and then some, I left my car in the hands of the shop.  

When the call came saying my car was ready for pickup I hooked up my trailer and drove to the shop. I really liked the way the seat was mounted it gave me a lot of head room and good legroom, however the steering wheel was a bit of a reach. The car’s interior was painted so that all the metal wouldn't rust. The car was almost ready to hit the road. Soon after mounting the harnesses Having a new windshield installed and strapping some wiring down, I brought the car to an autocross without even installing bumper covers.

I finally was able to drive the car


The car lumbered around on its old stock suspension and blew oil smoke. The driver also had to learn to drive a new vehicle. It was very obvious I was far from done.

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