CRX Road to Racing – Part 4 : A Splash of paint

September 03, 2013

CRX Road to Racing – Part 4 : A Splash of paint

By the time March 2011 rolled around the CRX was starting to form some surface rust, it was time to put paint on it before things got out of control. I shopped around for supplies to do my own professional quality paint job, I quickly decided this was not in the budget for a track car. I found some guides online that described a method using thinned down oil based paint. This seemed like a great way to get the job done and save money. This method would provide a decent finish, some durability and easy damage repair. I picked a color that was easy to find: Rustoleum gloss white this meant I could buy rattle cans for touch ups. I ended up spending about $100 on supplies (I already had a HVLP sprayer)

I won't go into too much detail as there are plenty of guides for inexpensive paint jobs. After much sanding, stripping and phosphoric acid to remove rust and residue. I also sprayed the engine bay with some high temp BBQ grill paint. I looked for imperfections and used a primer filler in layers before laying down any paint. I also used some body filler in some areas but not much. The paint went on in thin layers usually 3 a day then sanding the next day, repeating this process over several weekends resulted in a decent finish.  After the last layer of paint was applied I wet sanded the paint to take out imperfections then I took a buffer and buffed down the paint. This gave the paint a semi-gloss finish and a much more uniform look.

Realizing the white car with no trim looked poor I purchased some vinyl tape and applied trim strips along the doors with it. Recently (2012) I ended up painting the front bumper, for this I taped the trim area off and spray painted primer then white rattle can paint. The finish had a much nicer gloss to it than the buffed car. If i did this again, i wouldn't use such thin paint and do more layers at once.


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