CRX Road to Racing – Part 2 : A second car

August 15, 2013

CRX Road to Racing – Part 2 : A second car

The 1990 CRX DX chassis sitting in my garage had 9001 problems, and a lack of good parts was the biggest. So in March of 2011 I picked up my second Honda CRX: This time it was a 1989 CRX SI with 235,000 miles or more as the speedometer and odometer were not working. The advantage of this model was I would get the D16A6 engine I needed to get my car running. Disadvantages ranged from the smaller clutch the 1989 came with and rear drum brakes.

After negotiating a price with the seller of the car it had to be brought home, whilst the seller looked for the battery in his garage, we realized the engine had no coolant. Adding water to the radiator seemed to only cover the seller’s driveway in water. The radiator had several large holes and it was not going to hold onto any fluids. So a decision had to be made regarding how to get the car home.

It was a cool night in Metro Detroit so we decided to go for it. We jumped the battery that was procured for us and with my assistant trailing me, we drove the car home. At the first light I knew trouble was brewing as the engine died at a green light. Luckily the alternator must have charged the battery just enough because I was able to only barely get it started again. By the next intersection I learned my lesson and started blipping the throttle to keep the tired engine from cutting out.

As I tried to estimate my speed and avoid attention, we finally made it the 10 miles to my residence. I pulled the car up my driveway, turned off the engine, opened the hood and pulled the battery out of the car. We had made it without blowing the car up or any incident other than stalling.  The 1989 CRX has made its final voyage, it would soon be time to disassemble the vehicle and use what parts were salvageable for my project car.

Beautiful car, Isn't It?

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