CRX Road to Racing – Part 19: WAT-EX Cam Doubler Activated

September 05, 2016

CRX Road to Racing – Part 19: WAT-EX Cam Doubler Activated

With the recently finished new engine for the CRX (as in finished the day before our appointment at Pure Tuning in Toledo, Ohio), we threw it in the trailer and brought it down to be tuned. Turns out there were a few small issues still but we resolved most of them on the spot and had the car tuned and ready for racing.

The next week we packed the car up again and drove down to Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, but before we left I found out that my fuel rail was defective. The threaded inlet was at such an angle that it would not seal properly. We ended up dropping the race car off at the track and driving even further to Summit Racing to pick up a new fuel rail. With the second new fuel rail installed I got my first taste of Mid Ohio, and even with limiting my RPM on the new motor I turned a 1:48 in my first session. During our checks we found some play in one of the rear wheel bearings so we replaced it. During the Saturday race the driver side CV axle seized up causing the wheel to hop violently. Back to the parts store for a new one.

In the Sunday qualifying race my shift linkage came apart mid session but I had skimmed more time and got down to a 1:44.223 and qualified 8th overall 4th in class. During the Sunday race I was able to get out front but I fell to second then spun the car on one of the last couple laps after getting a personal best lap time of 1:42.009. Overall this was a very successful weekend even though I didn't win any of the races I still progressed and got much faster.

Our next event was back at Waterford hills. I was having a lot of trouble getting the race car to turn in and it seemed to push a lot. After borrowing a set of toe plates we adjusted the alignment from excessive toe in to mild toe out on the front of the CRX making it act more like I wanted. The car started having issues with the fuel pumps where they would blow the circuit breakers and start whining loudly. I ended up swapping out pumps, but by the end of the day they had all given up. It was back to the drawing board on fuel pumps again.

Having replaced fuel pumps with a new larger single pump setup and tweaking the cars suspension and alignment a little more we headed back down to Mid-O for another race. During the Saturday race I took second just behind Alejandro DellaTorre and setting a faster lap time of 1:41.910. during the Sunday Qualifying race I was leading by quite a margin until the car shut off a few corners before the finish and due to the drop in speed I got hit in the rear pretty good. I still managed to limp the car over the finish line and take 3rd in class and a another slightly faster lap time of 1:41.714 . We spent a good portion of the morning trying to solve the rear bumper and ignition issues and get back on track. Unfortunately the car died yet again in the first lap of the race so I pulled it in and called it.

Overall the new engine is a great improvement and has given me a modest bump in power, but it has brought with it a large amount of issues. We should be back on track soon enough and I will do my best to go faster.

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