CRX Road to Racing – Part 18: Break all of the things.

June 04, 2016

CRX Road to Racing – Part 18: Break all of the things.

Our first weekend racing at a new track was supposed to be a great experience. Unfortunately we were plagued with issues almost the entire weekend.

During qualifying we only barely got one clean lap, which thankfully put us in the middle of the pack, before the session turned into a full course caution.

In the Saturday race, the driver side CV Axle blew apart while going head to head with another driver.

We worked all afternoon to pull everything apart and replace the damaged axle. We managed to get back on the track for Sunday qualifying and obtain a slightly faster lap time.

During the Sunday race I pushed the car too far once again. This time a rod come out of the front of our engine.

Overall I consider the weekend successful. We might have lost an engine and an axle but we managed to make it through the weekend at a new track and improve lap times throughout the weekend getting into the low 1:48s. The (D16A6) engine we lost has been through a lot between engine fires, crashes, blown head gaskets, and cracked blocks. It lived a hard life and died under pressure.   We are currently working towards building a new drive train and will be doing our best to be back on the track as soon as possible so stay tuned!

We have a sticker to commerate the lost engine.

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