CRX Road to Racing – Part 14: Never Ending Aftermath

October 25, 2015

CRX Road to Racing – Part 14:  Never Ending Aftermath

It has been a long while since my last blog entry about the CRX. After the fire we continued to have ongoing issues that have consumed a lot of time and energy. Ultimately leading to this season ending in a bit of a failure.

After the fire took out most of the race car's engine components we only had less than a month to fix everything for the next race. we pulled the engine and all of the accessories out of the car and pressure washed and degreased the chassis. We replaced the entire wiring harness and re-routed it through the passenger side, leaving only a power feed to the drivers side for the kill switch. Thanks to our crew we were able to accomplish this and get back on the track for the second race weekend of the season.

During the second race weekend we had mixed results and the beginning of another issue started to rear its head. The car would lose power intermittently. We managed to take third in the Saturday race, first in the Sunday morning race and second in the Sunday afternoon race. We made some attempts to find the issue but we did not find anything.

When it was time for the third race, we had more issues with the car running and had several setbacks. The car would intermittently shutdown when driving and once we thought we fixed the issue, it would show up again and give us more trouble. This left us very frustrated. We spent the time leading up to the next event troubleshooting and ultimately getting the car re-tuned.

After showing up at the forth race weekend practice, the car's issue was worse than ever before, yet it had more power thanks to a great tune from Pure Tuning. We didn't find the issue and decided that it was just best to head back and troubleshoot the car. We ended up finding it a couple weeks later preparing for the fifth race weekend there was a bad lug on the main powerlead which was probably shutting down the ignition system due to a lack of amperage. So we packed the car up and brought it out for practice and to the driver's delight the car seemed to be running great, for about 15 minutes that is until the headgasket let go. We decided it wasn't clear enough if that would be the only issue, so we didn'tchange it at the track and didn't compete again.

Overall this season at Waterford Hills Road Racing was not our best. With any luck we might visit some other tracks to test the car and see if we have resolved the issues we've been experiencing. We'll be back to compete in 2016, but with a much better setup and more experience under our belts to resolve issues.

See you in 2016......

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