CRX Road to Racing – Part 11: The First Race Weekend

May 27, 2014

CRX Road to Racing – Part 11: The First Race Weekend

The time was here, I had my race permit and the first race of the season was here. I took Friday off work, loaded the car up and went to the track for some practice sessions. I ran 2 practice sessions to give me a chance to get the car setup for the race tires and get some more seat time. The track was cold and damp all weekend a new experience for me to run slick tires in these conditions.

Saturday morning was wet and rainy, that wasn't going to stop us from racing. I pulled a spot in the middle of the pack in qualifying.

Saturday Qualifying

That afternoon was one of the most interesting things I had been involved in. It started dry, rained, and hailed all in the same race. Creating some crazy situations around the track (And some driving in the grass by myself)

Saturday Race

The Sunday morning race finally saw some break in the weather and I was able to push things a little more.

Sunday Race

During this race I ended up getting rear ended when slowing for a right hander with a car coming around my left.

Sunday Feature Race

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