AROC at Waterford Hills track day 9/1/13 *Video*

September 01, 2013

AROC at Waterford Hills track day 9/1/13 *Video*

Its only been a week, but I got to go back to Waterford Hills Raceway for another track day hosted by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Detroit. This event started around 8 AM instead of the normal 7 AM. After arriving, I parked in my normal space and unloaded the CRX and my gear. I changed my tires and checked the torque on all 4 wheels before heading to registration and tech inspection. After tech inspection, we had a drivers meeting where we were broken into 4 running groups and informed we would be running in 15 minute sessions. Everyone then prepared for the first run group and the driving began shortly after 10 AM. 

 I decided to run my Hoosier SM6 racing slicks for most of the day to see how long they'd hold up. I managed 4 sessions on them without any issues and it appeares they're going to live to see a few more laps.

During the morning, I had a lot of people ask me to take them around the track.

For this run, at about 5:20, you can see me drop the left tires on the outside of the track

My passenger this time was taking lap times with a stop watch type app on his phone. He said I did a 1:21.7 which I'm pretty proud of.

We had an incident at the track that left a car totaled and there was a big delay in getting back on the track. The organizer decided to merge some of the groups so now there were only 2 groups running. This left me with plenty of time to change tires so I put the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1 street tires on my CRX and finished the day with those deciding to get some practice on road tires. Another driver asked to follow my lines so I waited for him before setting out onto the track. At times there would be too big of a gap, so I would slow down and wait for him to catch up. He was driving a Honda Civic with a 2.4 liter swapped engine.

On my final session, I continued with the street tires and had the driver from the Honda civic ride with me.  No other drivers decided to run this late in the day so I had the track all to myself. It was an amazing way to finish a great track day.

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